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Selected Recent Works

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Chamber Music

Bison Circles (2009) Flute and Piano. 12 minutes. Commissioned by
DuoSolo. Inspired by the Bison of western Kansas, who circle in the
face of oncoming storms.

Ruin of the Cypress (2007) Alto Flute and Piano. 15 minutes.
Commissioned by DuoSolo for the recital series at St. Paul's church
(Ground Zero), NYC.

Meditation on the Name of God (2000) Any instrument. 7
minutes. Slow, meditative, mystical work distributed free of charge.

Choral Music

Gratitude Sutra (2012) SSSAAATTTBBB. 12 minutes. Text by Gary Snyder from "Prayer for the Great Family". Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University, for the BBC Singers, the Latvian Radio Choir, and Volti.

Il Cantico del Sole (2012) SSAATTBB. 22 minutes. Settings of the Cantico delle Creature of St. Francis, in medieval Umbrian. Commissioned by the Universities of Hawaii, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Magnificat (2012) SSAATTBB. 12 minutes. Latin setting of the Magnificat in five movements, with soprano soloist. Premiered by the University of Wyoming Collegiate Chorale, Nicole Lamartine, conductor.

Short is Time (2009) SSAATTBB. 5 minutes. For Paul Tucker and the
University of Kansas Chamber Singers. Sets poetry of Christina
Rossetti, regarding the end of things.

The Old Ground (2003) SSAATTBB. 4 minutes. For the choir of Gonville
and Caius College, Cambridge. Text from Wendell Berry. An anthem for

Monument (2000) SSSAAATTTBB. 4 minutes. Text by William Stafford, from "At the Un-National Monument along the Canadian Border."

Solo Vocal Music

The Dante Samadhi (2013) High soprano and cello. 30 minutes. On text from the final canto of Paradiso, translated by Stanley Lombardo.

The Twelve Kisses (version for coloratura, piano, and clarinet). 25
minutes. See below, under "Orchestra"

Need-fire (2009) Heroic Coloratura and piano. 60 minutes. Saga of
Laïs on texts of Becky Gould Gibson for Sarah Tannehill. Set in
medieval Northumbria, Gibson's texts illuminate the lives of the
abbesses of Whitby.

The Wild Iris (2004-5) Mezzo and piano. 25 minutes. Commissioned by
Miranda Loud for the Rialto Arts Series. Texts on birth, death, and
gardening from the miraculous, eponymous book of Louise Glück.

Moses and the Shepherd (2000) Soprano and drone. 9 minutes.
Commissioned by Rachelle Fox. Text from a teaching story of
Jelaluddin Rumi, from the Masnawi.


Picnic (2007) 8 principals, 4 comprimario roles, instrumental
quartet. 2 hours, 35 minutes. Commissioned by the University of
Kansas for the 50th anniversary of Murphy Hall. Libretto by Tim Ocel
after the play by William Inge. The arrival of a handsome drifter to
small-town Kansas spells catastrophe and liberation for the carefully
balanced web of relationships connecting a family living there.

Keyboard Solo

Faces of Sorrow: Mystery Sonatas on the Passion of Christ (2007) Organ
solo. 30 minutes. Commissioned by Michael Bauer. Inspired by
photographs of Lee Boltin of wooden depictions of the Passion from
across the world.

Still Waters (1996) piano solo. 4 minutes. Scarlatti-sized glittery sonata.


The Twelve Kisses (2009) Coloratura, Oboe d'amore (optional EH, Cl.),
piano, strings. 25 minutes. Symphony for chamber orchestra.
Commissioned by the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra, Bruce Sorrell,
conductor. Sets the Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs) in English and

Great River of the West (2006) Percussion Concerto. 25 minutes.
Commissioned by the Portland Chamber Orchestra for its 40th
anniversary, and the Walla Walla Symphony for its 100th anniversary.
Traces the path of the Columbia from the high Rockies to the coast at