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Solo Instruments

Most scores will be available spring, 2017 through MusicSpoke. Until then, please contact the composer to order.

Meditation on the Name of G•d

any instrument (5 min.)
treble clef (flute, oboe, saxophone, violin, etc.)
treble clef low (clarinet, guitar, vibraphone, etc.)
alto clef (viola)
bass clef high (tenor trombone, euphonium)
bass clef low (cello, bass, bassoon, tuba, etc.)

Castle Creek Run

solo clarinet (3 min.)

Cathedral Grove

solo oboe (5 min.)

House on Fire

solo flute (4 min.)


solo piano (5 min.)


solo piano (12 min.)

On the Sorrowful Mysteries

solo organ (25 min.)

Prairie Wolf

solo piano (8 min.)

Ship of the Fens

solo organ (5 min.)

Ship on the Void

solo piano (5 min.)

Silver Birch Scroll

solo cello, with optional electronics. (15 min.)

Still Waters

solo piano (4 min.)